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Born on 5th December, 2006 in Striegnitz, close to Lommatsch , Germany. Her breeders are Bettina and Miki Sachs in kennel Pfarrhof.

Mother:  Collin Ex Canis Lupus – sm

Father:    Fellow vom Kottmarblick – s

Esira was the only fully black female in this litter.

Esira is a compact, harmonious and very temperamental bitch with hard bite and strong game instinct. She is very energic, smart and she learns quickly.

At the beginning we have attended with Esira a training ground in Schrannawand, where we also passed her first examination – BGH -1(2008). However, as I had no regular working hours and I was not able to participate in all exercises in Schrannawand, I started attending the training ground in Kirchstetten.

In the summer of 2008, we have completed with Esira a weekend protection training in Großbellhofen; trainers were Mr. Michael Simmeth and Mr. Paul Müller (Germany). This weekend was very instructive for me.

My partner, who also works in the dog training area, organized a training weekend in Diersbach at the end of November 2009, where we also participated.

In December 2009 we attended a 3-day training at school " z Polytanu " in the Veľký Lapaš where we worked with the famous dog trainer Pavol Toth.

Esira’s previous exhibitions:

Oberwart 2008 - CACA

Tulln 2008 - res. CACA

Amstetten Klubsiegerschau 2009 - 3rd place (out of 21 bitches)

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Father: Bellfast von der Haselhöhe

Mather: Pusztai-Pandur Tekla

Born: 8.6.2007

Colour: schwarz mit Zeichen

VH: 70 cm

Owner: Vera Stanisovszki

Exhibition results:

Hungaria Show Champion -  2010

Euro Club Dog Show CAC SKVPM, Celje - 2010

International Dog Show, Nitra - 2011

Champion International d'Exposition (FCI) - 2012

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Litter G - parents
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