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Born on 5th December, 2006 in Striegnitz, close to Lommatsch , Germany. Her breeders are Bettina and Miki Sachs in kennel Pfarrhof.

Mother:  Collin Ex Canis Lupus – sm

Father:    Fellow vom Kottmarblick – s

Esira was the only fully black female in this litter.

Esira is a compact, harmonious and very temperamental bitch with hard bite and strong game instinct. She is very energic, smart and she learns quickly.

At the beginning we have attended with Esira a training ground in Schrannawand, where we also passed her first examination – BGH -1(2008). However, as I had no regular working hours and I was not able to participate in all exercises in Schrannawand, I started attending the training ground in Kirchstetten.

In the summer of 2008, we have completed with Esira a weekend protection training in Großbellhofen; trainers were Mr. Michael Simmeth and Mr. Paul Müller (Germany). This weekend was very instructive for me.

My partner, who also works in the dog training area, organized a training weekend in Diersbach at the end of November 2009, where we also participated.

In December 2009 we attended a 3-day training at school " z Polytanu " in the Veľký Lapaš where we worked with the famous dog trainer Pavol Toth.

Esira’s previous exhibitions:

Oberwart 2008 - CACA

Tulln 2008 - res. CACA

Amstetten Klubsiegerschau 2009 - 3rd place (out of 21 bitches)

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Father: Gambo von der Hausbergkante

Mother: Deizy od Říčky Bobravy

Date of birth: 27. 9. 2002

ČMKU/ HW/ 3038 / 02 / 05

Colour: Black with marks

Height in withers: 68 cm

Breeding valuation: I. breeding class

Exhibition awards: Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Junior Champion, Junior Winner Mid & East Europa Cup, Champion ČR

Exams: ZOP, ZZO, ZM, ZVV1;

RTG DBK : A/0/0

Massive male dog with a solid skeleton and properly forming head in the right proportion to the body. Well positioned and carried ears, dark eyes, well-structured carrier lot. Complete scissor bite without derogations (no missing or duplicated tooth).

Well structured front front, excellent depth and breadth of chest, strong back, well-deployed and carried tail, excellent angulations of hip legs. Very nice, spacious and smooth movement.

Pictures of the dog are borrowed with permission of his owner, Ms. Hanka Jemelkova from Přerov. The picture collection is her personal property!

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